Ever since the tech boom the startup companies have come and gone in the bay area. Napster, Friendster, Pets.com, MySpace, AOL were part of the graveyard installation which had a sound of a fax modem dialing up. The theme of the video pieces and installations capitalized on the concept of the startups and spoofed the idea of dead or haunted technology. With 8 interactive installations, each station had a separate experience. Youtomb is the ghost in the machine, what would happen if the internet was haunted? Ghougle.com is a ghostly devilish version of google, OkLucifer makes fun of the dating world and website OkCupid, Deadalivebook had a live Mark Zombieberg component and talked about what happens to your facebook when you die. Steve jobs even rose from the dead to join you at the zombie genius bar. Live show October 30, 2013 and was attended by over 200 people.