Travelling through the subconscious and unconscious mind, I explore the extremes of love and hate which are paradoxes constantly at war within oneself. Through surveillance of the self and the image it projects I try to navigate through a sea of contradictions. I am the editor of how I visualize my own surroundings yet at times I am also set adrift pulled apart by the under toe of my uncontrollable constant thoughts. Using personal life experiences, I explore the important moments that make up my mental map through uncharted waters of thoughts, ironies, bipolar tendencies and inner violence that I encounter through my own alter ego. How does one contain their own inhibitions, self awareness and self actualization within the¬†system and environment we live in? How do we control our own thoughts and inner turmoil within our own physicality and, when addressing one’s own lack of love, lack of self-worth, and or through discreet areas of our psyche.